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Full Service Storage Transportation has storage solutions to fit every situation and budget. Full service storage is an excellent option when it comes to storing your belongings for the short-term or long-term.

How Full Service Storage Works

Your furniture and belongings are inventoried and listed on a manifest describing each item and its condition at the time of pickup. Then your furniture is wrapped in heavy cloth pads, carefully placed into large vaults which are forklifted into our warehouse where they wait until you call for them, whether it's weeks, months, or years later. Sofas are first wrapped in soft, clean cloth moving pads and then further protected with plastic stretch wrap. Sofas are then placed on large shelves to ensure they stay clean and have no pressure dents or tears when removed from storage. Oversized items which do not fit into the vaults are also pad wrapped and placed within the racking system for safe keeping.

Advantages of Full Service Storage


One of the biggest advantages to full service storage is that the protection of each item is much better than that achieved by stacking them in a garage or mini storage unit. Many self storage facilities are damp or unheated and if your items are placed directly on a concrete floor, they may absorb moisture possibly creating mold and mildew.

Cost Effective

Moving your items in and out of a self storage or mini storage location can be a time consuming chore, especially if they have long halls and multiple stories requiring an access elevator. If you are hiring a moving company, this becomes an expensive waste of time and if you are a "do it yourself" individual, it is a long strenuous process, increasing the possibility of damage and injury. Full service storage actually saves you time and money as your items are transported directly to our warehouse where they are efficiently loaded into storage vaults. Should you need to access your items, all it takes is a phone call to your warehouse location and arrangements for access can be made.


In the event that you are out of the greater Seattle area, by having a manifest of all your items in full service storage, you can simply call the warehouse and request that one or more items be shipped or delivered - without having to return to the greater Seattle area. This is particularly convenient should you need to ship your items across the country or around the world. Best of all, since we already have a manifest and the weight of your shipment, we are able to give you an accurate quote for shipping and get it on its way without any hassle.

By comparison, moving your items stored in a mini storage or self storage location can be challenging – this usually requires a return trip to town or arranging for a shipper’s representative to act on your behalf. Accurate estimating of shipping costs for items in self storage is difficult if not impossible. The moving estimator is unable to see what is going to be shipped inside the storage unit or if it is packed adequately to meet transportation requirements. In order to ensure an accurate estimate for moving items from self storage, you will probably have to unload a good portion of the storage locker for viewing.

If you are moving cross country using a van line, many self storage facilities are not accessible with a large tractor trailer unit. This would require additional charges by the moving company to “shuttle” the goods from the self storage building to the waiting cross country moving van. This also increases the risk of damage due to the additional handling.


Monthly charges for storage are often less expensive than anticipated. For long term storage (over 90 days) we charge only $3.95 per 100 lbs with a 1000 pound minimum. 1000 pounds would cost $39.50 per month. To cover labor and inventory control, there is a one time warehouse handling fee of $4.95 per 100 pounds. This does not include transportation to or from our warehouse, but does include complete wrapping, padding and all handling. PODs or Containerized storage vaults secure your goods in our climate controlled, high security, and Department of Defense approved warehouse.

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